Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Most Improved

Valerie at FortheLoveofPete has taken what she learned from Randi at the photography workshop and put it to good use. With her new photos, she landed a spot on the Front Page recently. I love what she is doing to show off her marvelous barkcloth bags. We all can learn from one another. I hope you are tuning in to every opportunity. I am sure Valerie would join me in saying, thanks for the great teaching, Randi.


Valerie said...

Thank you! I am so flattered to see this, but I also want to thank Randi for a great workshop! She is awesome!

Randi said...

All I can say is... YOU GO GIRL! I was thrilled to know that, while not a "real" photographer, I was able to teach something that someone could use! Valerie really listened at the workshop and ran with it and I hope it brings her and her shop much success.