Monday, January 25, 2010

Front Page Treasury

Congratulations to Kim of SentimentalStones for making this fabulous treasury that was featured on Etsy's front page this weekend. Great work!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Brick and Mortar Born of Etsy Shop

The new kid on the block in downtown Spokane is one our teamates and a favorite Etsy seller, Buttercuppity. Ari(pronounced like fairy without the f) and her husband Michael were doing so much business online that they needed more space. As long as you need more space, why don't you make that a retail space? I can hardly wait to see it. Their soft opening is tomorrow night, and we are all invited. See you there! Buttercuppity in The Steam Plant Square 159 S. Lincoln Street #165, Spokane

Monday, January 4, 2010

January Tips

From Randi's post on the Yahoo group. Thank you Randi!
> And now on to the Hot List for January!...
> Two themes that Etsy is going to focus on for January is "handmade resolutions" and "love in the air." Keep these in mind while making and listing new items.
> -2010 calendars and thank you notes will sell early in the month and start to trickle off as the month goes on. Start listing them now if you have some.
> -As part of the handmade resolutions theme you'll see items that pertain to learning new skills, DIY kits, journaling, recipes, crafting supplies, etc), active wear and healthy living, and organization for the home, office and studio.
> -Home décor with a cozy theme will still be popular this month. Think candles, baskets, quilts, blankets, pillows and other items with rich colors and textures.
> - Winter fashion includes layering, coats, knit and crochet, woven accessories, and large sturdy (carry-all) bags.
> - Valentines Day is also just around the corner, so think "love in the air." Prep for Valentines sales with conventional and unconventional gift solutions. Cards, jewelry, and gifts for him, her, and kids. Anti-valentines, funny valentines, and "naughty" themed items may also be popular for those thinking outside the box.
> - January themes will be vintage décor, organizational solutions, knits, rustic and natural motifs. Geometric patterns, floral and foliage motifs modern design and personalized items will also be hot. Colors will be in the vibrant and pastel shades of pink, red, champagne, gold, ivory, silver, white, plum, lavender, and dark brown.
> -Garnet is January's birthstone- a deep red. Etsy is looking for items in the garnet gift guide. If you sell items that fall in that color scheme, or know someone who does, nominate that item here:
> Here are some dates to remember in January:
> All January is known as national blood donor month, national hobby month, and hot tea month.
> -Jan 1st: New Years Day
> -Jan 15th: Martin Luther King Day
> -Jan 19th: Edgar Allen Poe's birthday
> -Jan 24th-26th: Lunar New Years
> -Jan 26th: Australia Day
> In the spirit of the New Year Etsy will also be focusing on shop makeovers. Everyone will be encouraged to update and makeover their shops. Here are some ideas for giving your shop a makeover:
> -Update your banner. If you don't know how to you have team members that do this or you can purchase one off of Etsy. They usually range between $5-$10 depending on who makes it and whether it is pre-made or not. When updating your banner ask yourself whether it compliments the style of the items you sell. It is also recommended that it has your shop name on it.
> -Update your shop announcement. Make sure that there are no expired sales or dead links in your shop announcement. You may ask a friend or a team mate to proof-read your announcement for spelling or grammatical errors. Keep it short and sweet so people will want to read all of it and you don't have to scroll forever to get to the goods! Include "I am a proud member of the Eastern WA Etsy team" if you like.
> - Review and update your shop policies, or if you don't have any shop policies you should write some. Make sure that it describes your shipping services and schedule as well as accepted payment methods and any other important information. For ideas on what you write you may check the policies of other well known shops.
> - Review and update your shop sections. If there are sections that you no longer use, delete them, or if you have recently added new items to your shop you may want to include a new category for them. Sections help people browse your shop more easily, especially if you have many listings.
> - Think about re-vamping your photos, especially on items that have been in your shop a long time. Use all 5 photos and make sure they are clear shots with good lighting that make people want to click on them. Try switching up the background or angle on old listings, or try adding in relevant props or models with new photos.
> - Re-think your listing descriptions. Try adding in a fun anecdote and make sure that your listings contain all the relevant information a buyer would need like size, color, materials, etc.
> Etsy's blog, the Storque, has tons of shop makeover suggestions and will be publishing new ones throughout the month of January. There is also a flickr group for Etsy shop makeover photos that is worth checking out if you have some before and after photos to share or would like to get some ideas.