How do I join the team?

Are you interested in being a part of the Eastern Washington Etsy Team? We are always looking for new members that would like to be an active part of our great little community. This page details information on what the team does, what the requirements are, and the next steps for those that are considering joining. If you have questions that aren't answered here, email Randi, the team's President, for more information.

Who are we?
We are a group of artists, crafters, and vintage junkies from all over Eastern WA who have come together with the common goal of promoting handmade items in our area as well as sharing networking and promotional opportunities. We get together on our Yahoo Groups Forum and at monthly online meetings in the Etsy chat rooms to talk about the tricks of the trade, share ideas with each other, and receiving support from like-minded individuals. In short, we're a large family of Etsy fanatics who have bonded together with people who we can bounce ideas off of, and who provide uplifting support in and out of the Etsy community.

What are the requirements for joining?
Our team accepts new members who are willing to take an active role and meet four criteria:

1. Team members are Etsy users living in Eastern Washington a majority of the year. Any person that lives in another location, regardless of residency status will not be eligible for our team. As a location based team, we cannot accept members outside of Eastern Washington. Please check Etsy for a team in your area.

2. Sellers should be Etsy Sellers with an open/active shop. Those that have an Etsy account to buy only are encouraged to search our tag to find local items, but will not benefit from being part of this team. Members with shops that remain empty for an extended period of time will be contacted to make sure they are still Etsy
users. Temporary closures of your shop are fine but a vacation message is encouraged.

3. All members will need to be in compliance with Etsy’s policies, which are described in detail on their webpage. Because EWAET does not approve of violating these terms, members who are in violation of them and not willing to make changes can be asked to leave.

4. Team members will need to join the Yahoo!Groups forum to be on the team and keep up on team news. This can be done through email and the level of participation is up to you. Any members not joining Yahoo will be removed from the team until they do.

How do I join?
Email Randi, the team's President, and let her know that you have read the requirements and are ready to join. Your email should include your location, your name, your shop name, a link to your shop, and a summary of what you carry in your shop. From there you will receive a team membership packet with all the information you will need to participate on the team.
You will also need to join the team's Yahoo Groups (be sure to give your name and etsy shop info when you send your application to join the Yahoo Group too). To join the Yahoo Groups, please click the link below. You will need to be approved as a member before your Yahoo Groups application will be accepted.

Click to join EasternWaTeam

Click to join EasternWaTeam