Saturday, July 24, 2010

Self Magazine Feature

FlowYogaMats was the star feature of this Self Magazine blog post. Congratulations, Megan! I like to call Etsy "your place to discover (great stuff) and be discovered (for having the great stuff.)"

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Great teamwork!

Linda at AntlerPantry had this great idea where we devote a week to each team member and everyone makes treasuries featuring that member. Well, we have never made so many team treasuries before and we have never had so many get featured before. It has been a blast! We had 2 on the Front page this evening. One is posted over at my own blog. If you scroll down a few posts there, you will also see the StudioCherie treasury that featured 6 teammates in it on the front page. Actually, 7 got featured because items were selling out of that one. We are having a team meeting on tuesday AM to talk about getting featured and being prepared to make the most of it when you are featured. Great work everyone!