Friday, May 15, 2009

Gift Guide Update

Etsy is updating and changing the Gift Guides more than ever. They are really focused on making them a great sales tool for the site. The administrators at Etsy are the ones who choose items for the Gift Guides, but they do ask for nominations occasionally, so it is a good idea to check their blog, the Storque, from time to time. Once you get to the Storque, use the search bar to search words like vote, nominate, and gift guide. To check if you are in a gift guide, go to craftopolis and type in your Etsy username in the Gift Guide search box. Send a convo to studiocherie if you find yourself in one, so she can post the good news here. The screen shot above shows a new gift guide being featured on the Front Page with a StudioCherie item in it. In a Storque article, Etsy had asked for Fathers Day promotions, and Cherie submitted that item with a buy one get something else free promotion. From that submission, they chose the item for the Gift Guide, and we will see if it makes it into the promo email later this month.

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