Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Getting Featured in June

Laura at LcsCottage let me know she was featured as a related item in this Storque article. The screen shot shows her hand dyed fabric on the page. Thanks for letting me know about the feature, and congratulations!

StudioCherie was on the font page with travel duffles on Memorial Day which leads me to this post about getting featured in June. Here is the full article in the Storque for you to review Etsy's focus for June. Since pearls are June's birthstone, I would bet there will be a lot of them on the front pages, just as there were a lot of green front pages in May. Fathers Day will still be promoted through June 21st, and here is a list of other things to think about, tag for, and offer in the month of June: Weddings, Americana, FolkArt, Nautical, Collecting, Garden Parties, Picnics, Housewarming and Hostess Gifts, Travel Friendly Toys, Bath and Body, Outdoors, Rainbows. Do read the article for more ideas on how your current items can fit into the focus. Here is another article by Lou Sagar on the art of collecting to give you an idea of where he is going with that.
Be sure to let Cherie know if you have been featured anywhere. It inspires us all to know how and when that happens.

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