Friday, September 26, 2008

Featured Team Member The Vintage Dresser

The Vintage Dresser is a mother and daughter run Etsy shop and a member of the Eastern Washington Etsy Street Team. We are located in different cities about 30 minutes apart.

My mom, Nancy is located in Prosser and I, Tania am located in Pasco. We get together almost every weekend to hit the garage and estate sales, thrift and antique stores, and sometimes out of town swap meets and flea markets, which is where we find many of our vintage treasures that we offer in our shop as well as some of the “trash” that we transform into treasures!

We both have many interests when it comes to arts and crafts. We enjoy altered art and altered books, decorative tole painting, sewing dolls and teddy bears, and scrapbooking.

For several years we had participated in a local craft bazaar and held our own bazaar at my house. While that was fun for both of us, the amount of time and energy it took to do these events just didn’t seem worth while. So, we decided to open up an online store to sell our wares. We started with eBay and then later opened our Etsy shop. Both shops are going pretty good and we are gaining loyal customers as time goes on!
Tania and Nancy's shop is one of the most eclectic shops I have seen on Etsy and is definately worth checking out. I had a hard time deciding what to feature here, but I think this gives you a little taste of their talent and eye for vintage finds. I love the sentiment on this card. Some other ways to check them out are their blog, their webshots photos, and their ebay store.
Click any of the items in this article to see the listing in their shop!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Washington State Friendship Boxes Make Great Gifts

Composed mostly of items from the Eastern Washington Etsy Street Team shops, the newly launched Washington State Friendship boxes will make wonderful gifts for holidays ahead. For only $16, purchasers receive a box chock-full of great gift items. This month's boxes feature items from these Etsy sellers:

DeAnne DeSigns--
I design and sew handbags, totes, baby blankets, aprons and other goodies. Shopping for fabrics spark ideas and inspires me to create. I have worked with many types of fabrics, but two of my favorites are canvas and novelty print cottons. I want people to see my handbags, totes and other products as tasteful, creative and fun. Take a look at my shop and remember to check back often to view new products.

Crown Prince Treasures--
I'm a stay at home mother of two young boys. One is in first grade and the other a preschooler. I also teach violin lessons. Needless to say I am always running around the house working on one thing or another. My boys inspire me either with the joy of just being around them or the frustration of needing mommy time (which both result in a creation of some sort of jewelry). My husband is my best friend and best critique of my art. I couldn't do it without him. I'm proud to be an Eastern Washington artist.

Gecko Jewelry--
I have been interested in jewelry for many years. I remember cutting out pictures of jewelry from magazines when I was younger. As the years went on I got married and had two wonderful boys. The jewelry passion was on hold for a bit. Now that my boys are in school I have time to work on my hobby and passion, making jewelry. A year ago I went all out and opened up my business Gecko Jewelry. It has been such a wonderful experience. I enjoy making jewelry and see people wear my creations. I make jewelry with all kinds of materials, from lampwork beads, stones, agates, glass, metal. I also take custom orders. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. or you can contact me on my etsy website.

Breath of the Dragon--
I am a person of many adventures, and Breath of the Dragon [on Etsy] is my current adventure in pyrography (wood burning). After serving in the US Navy for 5 years, I Sunfire (aka Connie Mitan) is exploring the "real world," trying my hand at making money being crafty. I was introduced to wood burning once in 2006, but it wasn't until late 2007 that I really dove into it. While I am still new at it, I am enjoying all the possibilities that this craft has to offer. Always open to ideas and suggestions, I am open to custom work based on your needs; just send a message!

The Jewelry Box--
Wearable art created by Brenda Smith I have been creating beaded jewelry for 2 years. My style is mostly eclectic and feminine, although I do make mens chokers and pre-teen jewelry too. I've been selling jewelry on Etsy for over a year now, and I plan to have my own website in the near future. In my shop, you will find a hodgepodge of jewelry created with different gemstones, glass beads, lampwork beads, boro beads, crystals, sterling silver, copper, gunmetal, and gold-filled findings. Next year I will be creating a new line of jewelry with tumbled and wire-wrapped rocks from the Northwest area. Look for upcoming holiday sales in my shop at

Glitz n Glass--
I have loved jewelry for as long as I can remember. As a young girl I would buy dime store costume jewelry, bring it home and take it apart to create new pieces. In the mid nineties I started making pieces for friends and co-workers which led to starting a small business which grew by word of mouth. I have taught the jewelry class at our local Michael's craft store and found I really enjoyed sharing this awesome hobby with others. Though I have always been creative I had never considered myself artistic so no one was more surprised than me when I took up painting in early 2001 and found I really enjoyed the process and the outcome. I had wonderful support from family and friends which kept me going and with more practice I became a better artist. I look at some of my earlier pieces and laugh at how truly awful they are and thank the support I had which gave me the desire to continue. Painting has taught me that if you really enjoy something and continue to strive for perfection you will improve, art like all things is a learned skill. The candles sort of evolved from the painted glass. I had always loved candles and the mood they could inspire with their glow and aroma so I decided in 2004 to take on the art of candle making, it seemed the perfect compliment to the glass pieces I was painting and though it proved to be quite the challenge after many mistakes and trials and errors I feel I now have a superior candle with excellent scent throw and great burn. I started the palm wax late last year and have fallen in love with it. In my opinion it is much better than soy for scent throw and is also all natural with no petroleum by products. I offer a refill program for all my local clients, if you are interested please contact me for details. I sincerely hope that you will love my creations as much as I love creating them.

Whimsy Love--
I'm a self-proclaimed dork & a create-at-home mom who loves making stuff & lives for creativity. I'm an avid "how-to" junkie, with a passion for all things handmade. I've never been able to stick with one style of craft & constantly crave trying new & different projects. I prefer items that are faded, worn & loved. I enjoy spending my time thrift shopping & finding vintage or unusual items to create with. One day I'm a wacky goof ball & the next I'm girly & romantic--& that reflects in the diversity of items I make. I currently live in Richland, WA with my hubby & 2 wee kid lets. Come peek into my handmade world at

Rose Works Jewelry---
Hi! My name is Ruthie and I have been creating jewelry, for fun, since I was a freshmen in High School. Over the years I've mostly made projects for my family and friends, including all the jewelry for my wedding in 2007, but I've had people telling me for a long time that I should sell my work. So here I am! I work with a variety of styles so I hope you can find something that you like. Please feel free to contact me at any time with questions!

As an recent graduate from art school, I hold a special place in my heart for creating art- whether it is a painting or a special journal. Every day I've make it a point to create something, which naturally progressed into having my own etsy shop to pass my passion along to you. I have a serious love for paper and most of my work reflects that. Bookbinding, especially, became a passion of mine while in art school when I started creating unique sketchbooks for me and my classmates. (Who wants to sketch in a boring store-bought book?) You'll also find items such as stationary, paper beads, and even resin pendants or fine art pieces in my shop. My shop is constantly changing, so check it often- you may just find that item you've been looking for.
Ragnazidnar is a proud member, and president of the Eastern Washington Etsy Team- supporting artisans throughout the Eastern side of the Evergreen State! Buy handmade, support your local artisans.

Sagegold Soap
My interest in soap-making began at the end of 1999, when I received a popular "soap-making" kit for Christmas. Using the kit was fun, even though the resulting 'soap' left a lot to be desired... And I became hooked on the idea of making a great handmade soap. By the end of 2000, after countless hours of research, sampling different soaps bought from soap-makers at local craft fairs and on-line, and many, many experimental batches - I finally felt I'd developed a product that not only made my skin very happy, but was good enough to send to friends and family for real-world testing. It was at their insistence that Sagegold Soaps was born. Since that time, each batch of my cold process soaps has been carefully created from scratch using pure and gentle vegetable oils; measured, mixed and cut by hand; colored and scented with high-quality, skin-safe pigments and fragrances, and "cured" for several weeks to make a solid, long-lasting, effective and gentle product. Because Sagegold Soaps are a true soap and retain all of their natural glycerin (a humectant) and small amounts of skin-friendly emollient oils, your skin will be left feeling simply clean and comfortable - not over-stripped and dried out as you may have experienced with commercial cleansing bars, which often contain harsh detergents and synthetic sudsing agents, and have had the glycerin extracted. Once you've tried our soaps, your skin won't ever want to go back to commercial cleansing bars!
Sagegold Soaps hand-crafted soaps are a product you will enjoy using every day, as well as a gift you can be proud to give to friends and family.

Nicoles Vision
My name is Nicole. I've been taking pictures for fun since I was 17. In 2001 I began my journey into business. Using my photography to earn a living, it was a long & bumpy road to get where I am today. I never feel like I will know it all, or have learned all I can learn. In 2005 I went from shooting film, to digital. This started a whole new journey for me. Going digital has indeed changed the way I take pictures. I've been told I have an eye for the photography I take. I love to find new things to do with my images. My note cards are unique & I have not seen any like them yet. I love my bookmarks, & can't wait to try new things with them. My prints are also unique. Some have a very different coloring effect, some are just as nature intended and some have been adorned with words. No matter the medium, the subject or anything, there is always pride in my work.

To view and purchase boxes and sign the guest book for a chance to win a free box (members of the team not eligible for the drawing,) visit
Drawing will be held October 31st.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Randi Dickinson is Ragnazidnar the Artist

Many of us see Randi as the president of the Eastern Washington Etsy Street Team, organized, thoughtful, inclusive. What I wanted you to see in this post, is Randi the talented up-and-coming artist.

Randi graduated with highest honors from Eastern Washington University with a Bachelor's degree in Studio Art (drawing and painting.) In her gracious manner, she elaborates on her credentials, " I am, first and foremost, a draftsman and stumbled upon oil painting less than a year ago after vowing that I would never be a painter- lol. I always thought my tight technical drawing was not compatible with painting, especially oils. I was wrong. :)"

Q. Do you have a vision for the future of Etsy or the future of Ragnazidnar that you would like to share?
A. The beauty of this, to me, is that none of it was "planned." People would ask me what I planned to do after college, or why I was majoring in art and I'd simply shrug. "Because I have to, it is part of who I am" I would tell them. It has been blessing and I am along for the ride. I feel that if I work diligently and never give up the passion, things will go further than I could ever plan or imagine.
Q. What is the most exciting art project you have in the works right now?
A. My house! lol. I actually am really excited to renovate our new house and restore some of its beautiful antique features, but I would have to say the work I am most excited about is some of the oil paintings I am working on. Not currently listed on Etsy, but in the works. I have been given the opportunity, though, to create a commissioned piece for a fellow Etsain and would love to continue in that trend.
Q. If you could fill your shop with iterations of one item, what would it be?
A. The newest item I put up in my shop immediately becomes my favorite, so with that in mind I'd have to say the "Use Your Brain" journal would be that one item. I am in love with this funky little book and if I had a hundred more I would be thrilled. They are so fun and I think its my best book yet. :)

One last thing, my favorite item in Randi's shop:

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Burnt Wood Stylings of BreathoftheDragon

Our friend, Sunfire, is one busy lady. She hosts our team pages on facebook, and myspace. She has her own blog. She runs her etsy shop. She is involved in putting together a store in the East Wenatchee Mall that will run from Nov 15th- Dec 28th. As if that were not enough, Sunfire is in charge of the Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraising Craft Bazaar at her local East Wenatchee Safeway. "I figure I have connections, and I'm sure it would look good to the company that I volunteered to help out. "

Maybe she is living by the sayings on her plaques and magnets? I think so.

The Bazaar will be held October 3-5, from 9am to 4pm each day. Spot fees of $30 per day, or $60 for the whole 3 days, will be donated to Breast Cancer Research by Safeway. Sign-up ends Sept 27, and spots will fill up fast! Contact with questions or to sign up.

I picked up the hobby of wood burning over the holidays in 2007... something to pass the time. I played around with symbols and patterns, solid designs rather than artwork. My friends and family encouraged me to list some items on Etsy, and in January, I did. I've made 7 sales since then, and I'm making all kinds of connections through the site. I love it!For me, sticking with something can be tough - I'm usually the one that comes up with the ideas and watches as someone else makes them real. It's weird that I'm still coming up with ideas and I'm the one actually making them a reality. It's fun, though, and I am really enjoying all that this adventure entails.Being on teams may not always increase sales, but it sure is nice to connect with others that understand why you would give up on sleep to make "just one more listing" LOL I'm glad to be a part of this team, and I look forward to helping each other out with promotions, advertising, and whatever else we come up with.
I believe her.

I love celtic designs, so I asked her about this one. It is taken from a design found here: The Ultimate Design Book for Crafters (c) 2006 Search Press Ltd. Sunfire said it took 5 or 6 hours to produce this piece. I think it's great.

Friday, September 12, 2008

The Jewelry Box Opens at Spokane Craft Fair

Visit the The Jewelry Box online, or in person tomorrow at the Fresh Abundance Craft Fair in Spokane. Here are the details on the event:
Location - Fresh Abundance Organic Foods, 2015 N. Division in Spokane.
The hours are from 10AM to 7PM, with live music starting at 11AM.

Brenda is one of our more active teamates and, as you can see, a wonderful jewelry designer.
Look for one of her necklaces in the 2009 issue of "Bead Trends!"
"My first publication! :-)"

The description for this item in Brenda's shop reads like something out of a J. Peterman catalog: "Peridot- Dreaming of peridot is said to be a warning to use caution. The stone is purported to help slow the aging process, both physically and mentally, and also to facilitate the birthing process. It often is said to help speech, increasing its eloquence and removing impediments, and it sometimes used to find lost or misplaced things. Many believe it to increase patience, confidence and assertiveness."Lapis Nevada" is believed to be a source of creativity and protection, and also promotes courage. Pink & green gemstone. The availability is extremely limited since 2004." Love it!

With beauties like these, we think Brenda is one to watch. The best part about making jewelry? "It's like a natural high to know someone is actually wearing something I made. :)"

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fresh Abundance Craft Fair Including Delovelybeads

Delovelybeads will be coming to Spokane for the Fresh Abundance Craft Fair this Saturday, September 13, 2008. We are excited for her to connect with teamates and make sales. Here is a taste of who she is and what she makes.

I first got into making jewelry last December when I was ill for two weeks and couldn't work. I sat down one morning and turned on the tv. and I saw this craft tv show. They were showing how to make loops and how to wire wrap jewelry. I pretty much picked it up then and never put it down! I love jewelry, things that sparkle and shine, things that make you look like a million bucks or make you stand out from the crowd.

I like Etsy because it is so personal. I chose to do this fair in Spokane because it is close to home and because I have a lot of friends up there that are dying to see my stuff!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

More of Spokane with SeamsVictorian

The Seams Victorian shop is run by a very talented seamstress who was born and raised in Spokane. If you can attend the Farmers Market and Craft Fair this Saturday, September 13th, you may meet her there and see some of her beautiful items in person. The fair will be located at Fresh Abundance Organic Foods, 2015 N. Division in Spokane. The hours are from 10AM to 7PM, with live music starting at 11AM.

I have been sewing since I was 12. I am self taught mostly. I learned the basic elements of sewing in school and appreciated that knowledge since clothing from stores didn't fit me correctly. I remember taking apart a pair of San Francisco Riding Gear jeans that I had and making my own pattern for jeans. Ever since then, I have been fascinated with "remaking" things into something else. My favorite thing in my shop is the wedding dress that I transformed from "dull" into something unique and vintage looking.

I have an intense love for the Victorian era, hence the name of my shop! I hope to one day inspire the owners of the Davenport Hotel, a famous hotel in Spokane known for it's elegant historical decor, to host Victorian balls or events where people can rent or buy period clothing to participate. Two such outfits for this type of event would be the Embroidered Bronze Bustle Gown and the Victorian Floral Bustle Gown.

I don't like to be nailed down to one particular style, so hopefully people will stop by my shop and be pleasantly surprised at the variety of items I have. I have been working on purses and totes recently and love the way they are turning out. My favorite fabric is the handmade fabric I create, which is very time consuming but the results are fantastic! It is tough to photograph because of the sparkly nature of the fabric so I am still working on the best views.

I love Etsy because the people there are fantastic to talk to! I have had the best experiences with the customers I have had! People that love handmade things seem to be the easiest to work with. I appreciate that so much!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Spotlight Spokane and Studio Cherie

Studio Cherie is an active member of the Eastern Washington Etsy Street Team. A Seattlite who has lived and worked in Spokane for 7 years now, Cherie is beginning to call Spokane her home. "I love the sun, the hiking trails, the wildlife, and the 'small town in a big city' feel of Spokane."

What I am really excited to do on Etsy is to sell my patterns and kits. I love to make bags and baby accessories, but I also need to have the freedom to move on to the next idea. I found I am not really suited to the business of producing an inventory and selling it at shows. I love the shows and the people, it's the inventory part that bogs me down. I really enjoyed the Spokane Baby Fair, and sold out of most of my baby inventory there. I think that is what got me thinking about ways I could free myself up to produce the new designs I had rolling around in my head.

My Laura's Luggage pattern has been the most popular so far. I think that means there is a market for patterns that can be used to produce a boutique quality handbag. I hope so anyway because that is how I would describe my patterns and kits.

My compact travel change pad/bag is available in kit form because it is important to me that when someone makes this product, it turns out right. I also offer licensing of any of my patterns to people who do want to make inventory and sell it. I have kept my licensing fees low because I know how hard it is to produce product, package, pay entry fees, travel and transport, sell and still make money.

Sometimes it's hard to sell the items in my shop because I love them and want to keep them, but I already have so many bags that sometimes it takes me five minutes to find which one has my wallet:) These are two I would love to keep.

The Lacework Motif Hobo and the Modern Romantic Clutch are both done in Amy Butler fabrics. I started making a lot of my prototypes for my patterns out of popular designer fabrics, so that if someone wants to make it look just like mine they can. The clutch pattern is available now, and the hobo pattern is coming in a couple of weeks.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Support Our Team in Kennewick

The details: Kennewick Flea Market. 310 N. Benton. Hours 9am-5pm. Ample parking. Indoor market with approximately 75 dealers. Collectibles, coins, jewelry, country primitives, new & used merchandise. Food available, restrooms, h/a. c/p

Sally will be there with her lovely aprons and cute skirts in toddler sizes. Sally's shop on etsy is

Our team members are going to be actively selling this Fall throughout Eastern Washington. Watch this blog for an event near you.