Friday, September 12, 2008

The Jewelry Box Opens at Spokane Craft Fair

Visit the The Jewelry Box online, or in person tomorrow at the Fresh Abundance Craft Fair in Spokane. Here are the details on the event:
Location - Fresh Abundance Organic Foods, 2015 N. Division in Spokane.
The hours are from 10AM to 7PM, with live music starting at 11AM.

Brenda is one of our more active teamates and, as you can see, a wonderful jewelry designer.
Look for one of her necklaces in the 2009 issue of "Bead Trends!"
"My first publication! :-)"

The description for this item in Brenda's shop reads like something out of a J. Peterman catalog: "Peridot- Dreaming of peridot is said to be a warning to use caution. The stone is purported to help slow the aging process, both physically and mentally, and also to facilitate the birthing process. It often is said to help speech, increasing its eloquence and removing impediments, and it sometimes used to find lost or misplaced things. Many believe it to increase patience, confidence and assertiveness."Lapis Nevada" is believed to be a source of creativity and protection, and also promotes courage. Pink & green gemstone. The availability is extremely limited since 2004." Love it!

With beauties like these, we think Brenda is one to watch. The best part about making jewelry? "It's like a natural high to know someone is actually wearing something I made. :)"

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