Thursday, September 18, 2008

Randi Dickinson is Ragnazidnar the Artist

Many of us see Randi as the president of the Eastern Washington Etsy Street Team, organized, thoughtful, inclusive. What I wanted you to see in this post, is Randi the talented up-and-coming artist.

Randi graduated with highest honors from Eastern Washington University with a Bachelor's degree in Studio Art (drawing and painting.) In her gracious manner, she elaborates on her credentials, " I am, first and foremost, a draftsman and stumbled upon oil painting less than a year ago after vowing that I would never be a painter- lol. I always thought my tight technical drawing was not compatible with painting, especially oils. I was wrong. :)"

Q. Do you have a vision for the future of Etsy or the future of Ragnazidnar that you would like to share?
A. The beauty of this, to me, is that none of it was "planned." People would ask me what I planned to do after college, or why I was majoring in art and I'd simply shrug. "Because I have to, it is part of who I am" I would tell them. It has been blessing and I am along for the ride. I feel that if I work diligently and never give up the passion, things will go further than I could ever plan or imagine.
Q. What is the most exciting art project you have in the works right now?
A. My house! lol. I actually am really excited to renovate our new house and restore some of its beautiful antique features, but I would have to say the work I am most excited about is some of the oil paintings I am working on. Not currently listed on Etsy, but in the works. I have been given the opportunity, though, to create a commissioned piece for a fellow Etsain and would love to continue in that trend.
Q. If you could fill your shop with iterations of one item, what would it be?
A. The newest item I put up in my shop immediately becomes my favorite, so with that in mind I'd have to say the "Use Your Brain" journal would be that one item. I am in love with this funky little book and if I had a hundred more I would be thrilled. They are so fun and I think its my best book yet. :)

One last thing, my favorite item in Randi's shop:

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