Tuesday, March 15, 2011

featured seller VintageUrbanCowgirl

Enjoy these treasuries we created for them, and get to know Brande and Amanda in this lovely interview: Visit them at VintageUrbanCowgirl

So can you tell me the first thing that you two created together when you were in highschool creating stuff?We began our business adventure in high school making large birdhouses to sell at local shows and give as gifts. They were really intricate and detailed. We salvaged door handles, pocket watches, vintage architecture and ceiling tiles to set them apart and show are creative side. We made birdhouses on and off for quite a few years, but materials got harder to find and they became to time consuming and expensive to create.

Do you each have a favorite vintage find you could talk about?
Brande: Through the years we have found so many unique items its hard to choose a favorite. Right now I have an extremely old set of vintage lockers. Twenty-four numbered wire baskets sit on a rusty, white shelving unit. It was a great find and a fabulous addition to my collection of vintage furniture!
Amanda: While digging through an old barn we came upon a large red bakers table. The top is rustic metal detailed with large brass brads. It opens to reveal sliding drawers and bins. "Spokane Bakery" is painted on the side which is why I love it so much. Its home grown and absolutely fabulous.

It seems you two are in harmony with one another. Is there anything you diagree about or something that sets you apart from one another dramatically?It really is amazing how long we have been friends and how few disagreements we have had. Having the same values and the same goals minimizes any arguments and the fact that we are completely open and honest with each other about everything from what to pay for a vintage item to how we should handle a situation with are kids. One of the things that keeps us close is the fact that we really have a ton of fun together. There is not a day that goes by that we do not break into hysterics over something!! We really can be are true selves, there is defiantly no faking who we are when we are with one another. We are both outgoing, spontaneous and love adventure. If there is one thing that sets us apart its Amanda's "by the book" attitude while Brande is more "just do it and we will figure out the details later". But we have balanced each other out for 23 years creating an amazing friendship and wonderful business relationship.

Brande, if you could give the perfect gift to Amanda, what would it be?. When I think about the last 23 years the one solid thing in my life, the person always standing beside me has been my BEST friend Amanda. Through junior high drama, high school boyfriends, college, pregnancy, marriage and divorce she has been my number one supporter. To try and come up with a gift to express my love, appreciation and thanks is nearly impossible. If I am being cheesy I would say I would give her a life free of worries and full of laughter. If I am being realistic I would buy her a new car. Hers may be paid off, but Lord knows she needs a new one!

And Amanda, what would you give Brande that would express your lifelong friendship to her?There is nothing in this world that I could give Brande that could truly express how much I adore her. Her friendship has blessed my life more than she could ever realize. I would want to give her a gift to express how she has influenced my life for the better. She has helped mold me into the person I am today. Her laughter, her smile and her wit could never be matched. There is not a day that goes by that she does not make me laugh until I pee. She never takes life to serious and is always up for any adventure life has to offer. I am truly blessed to have such a beautiful friendship.

Anything else you want to say or add?
We just want to say thank you to everyone who has helped and supported us for all these years. To our grandmothers and mothers: Not a salvaging day goes by that we do not discover something that reminds us of you! To our children: We promise we will not fill up the truck with junk and then try and find a place for all SIX of you to sit this garage sale season! To our friends: Thank you for supporting us and buying our stuff even when we went through are "awkward" stage! And to all our new friends and Eastern Washington team members on Etsy: Thank you for your patience and for inspiring us! Happy Trails!! Brande & Amanda

This picture is hilarious! Last summer on the way to the lake we could not resist hitting a few sales. In this car: Two adults, six kids, two dogs, backpacks, sleeping bags and coolers and a few wonderful finds: a metal bucket, vintage metal bed, a large wood bench and a few rusty door handles! Nothing beats a great sale :)

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Kristin Lathrop said...

Don't let these girls fool you. They talked about going through an "awkward stage". Well that is not true, they both have a unique talent to create/find things that are one of a kind. Not everyone has a knack for this. How cool is it to be doing what you love for a living. I hope this becomes a huge success because you ladies totally deserve it. Good Luck!!

P.S: Amanda hold on to that car of yours. Let Brande haul the kids around and you can cram the treasures in yours!