Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Featured Seller Interview with Catherine Freshley

Enjoy these lovely treasuries we made for Catherine, and learn more about her below.

How was it that you came to Spokane from New Orleans?
I was living in New Orleans after graduating from Tulane University, where I got a degree in economics and English. Though I love the city, I was wanting to be closer to home, which is Portland, Ore. When my boyfriend found it he would be moving to Spokane for work, I was happy to come with him.

Are you adjusting to life in the Pacific Northwest?
I suppose I’ll take a very particular approach to this question. If I was from New Orleans, I would consider Spokane part of the Pacific Northwest. But since I am actually from Portland, there is not much “Pacific” about Spokane in my opinion! That said, I am really liking the “Inland Northwest” a lot and being back in the Northwest in general is great. However, I was just in New Orleans for a week and I remembered how much I love 70 degrees in March, among many other things.

Say something about your love of art, or your journey with regards to your art.
My parents are both very artistic so my sister and I grew up always doing art projects – stringing necklaces, making paper, drawing, painting, you name it. I have had a few lessons here and there but most of my learning has come from doing. I had a few other hobbies growing up, but art was the one that ran throughout.
I tend to go through phases, frequently changing the subject matter and media that is of the most interest to me. Right now – though not reflected very much in my Esty shop – I have been inspired by the beautiful landscapes of this area, of Willapa Bay in southwest Washington, and by some photos I took while driving here from New Orleans. I have long been interested in multiples and collage, which you see more of in my shop.

Can you tell me something about the direction you see yourself going from here with your art and or life.
Though I have always been making art, I had never tried to sell any until just over a year ago. I made the wood block collages that fill my Etsy shop. Though I haven’t yet had much success on Etsy, I was very successful selling these in New Orleans – at a market, in a gallery and to friends. The quick success I experienced was exciting and made me seriously consider the possibility of making money on art for the first time. At that point, I was working full time. Now I am only working part time and have been keeping very busy getting 15 large acrylic landscapes ready for a restaurant show at Picabu Bistro on the South Hill starting March 23rd. I am anxious to see if I am able to sell anything, which will help me determine if I should consider full time work again or if I should keep devoting so many hours to painting.

Any thing else you would like to say or tell us to help know you better?
I have always loved to bake but since graduating from college (almost two years ago) I have really been enjoying learning how to cook, which my boyfriend appreciates though he is quite a cook himself. I like to run and be outside and am looking forward to my first summer here. Spokane doesn’t have quite the music scene that New Orleans does, but I have been pleasantly surprised to find a few good live music venues. I love going out dancing.
Though I am not very good at participating on this team, I enjoy at least peripherally being a part of the camaraderie and reading everyone’s advice.

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