Monday, February 23, 2009

In the Gift Guides

This is something to celebrate, and something to aspire to. Suggestions for getting in the gift guides.
1. Photography! Maybe you are tired of hearing it, but photos are everything when you are selling online. Randi is going to run a workshop for us on this topic sometime soon.

Rachel323, appearing in the Pampering Gift Guide

2. Curate yourself. Read Am I Worthy and use the method in that blog post to put your items next to items that are currently in your target gift guide. See for yourself. Does your item look like it belongs? If not, go back to step one.

StudioCherie, appearing in the Travel Gift Guide

3. After you have done 1 and 2, you are ready to get noticed. A good place to do this is the Etsy Shop Makeovers Flickr Group. You can post before and after photos there. Etsy Admin looks in that pool for items to feature.

4. Keep doing what you do best, and fill your shop with the good stuff.


Randi said...

WooHoo! Our team rocks!!

always sunny said...

i can't find the group
"addicted to Randi's journals"

eastern wa ETSY street team said...

Hi, Rachel!