Friday, February 20, 2009

The Gauntlet Has Been Thrown Down

Who will pick it up? Our first team challenge is on, here are all of the details. (I don't make gauntlets, so I am throwing this bag down, and we can all pretend it's a gauntlet - it's my entry too.)

Theme: Spring
Craft an item relating to this theme. It can be any size or type of
item and does not have to be something you carry in your shop.

Cost Limit: None
You can spend as much or as little crafting this item, but make sure it is within your comfort level for a giveaway item. One person will win your entry if it receives the most votes.

Deadline: March 20th (the first day of Spring) 12pm
Please submit your photos no later than 12pm on March 20th to be
included for judging (by voters on this blog.) Any late entries will not be included. You may
send them before (please do!) but not after this date and time.

Submit to: Cherie of Studio Cherie via email: cherie@...
Please include one high quality image of your item to Cherie. To keep things uniform, please crop your photos to 3 x 3 inches and keep them between 100 and 300 dpi.

Judging Begins: March 20th 5pm
Judging will begin the evening of the deadline. Cherie will have our team's challenge on our team blog by 5pm on March 20th to kick off the first day of Spring. The photos will be posted and numbered, and there will be a poll in the right column of the blog where people can vote.

Judging Ends: March 27th 5pm
Exactly one week for judging. All comments left before this date and time will be counted and will be entered into the raffle to draw a person to win the winning entry.

Voting Restrictions: Voters must be at least 18 years old and US residents.
Anyone may vote by leaving a comment on the blog. Voting is open to team members and non-team members alike.

Prize: Randomly chosen voter (from outside the team) receives the winning entry.
The challenge winner will receive a lengthy feature on our team's blog and will have bragging rights as the Spring Challenge Winner!

Other useful tips:
-- Good photography is just as important as creativity. Make sure to
take well designed, clear, crisp photos of your entry. It is all the
voters will have to go off of.
-- Those not participating in the challenge can still help out by
promoting it on their blogs and various web pages. Help draw people to
our team blog!
-- If you cannot participate in this challenge, there will be many
others. Our next proposed challenge will be "Easter" and the deadline
is, you guessed it, Easter!
-- Got a great idea for an upcoming challenge? Contact our team VP and
Challenge Leader, Andi.


glentwistle said...

Good job Cherie. I can't wait to see all our talent shown to the world.

glentwistle said...

Never could resist a challenge.