Wednesday, August 11, 2010

In praise of a certain teammate

Leanna is one of the most prolifically talented people you will ever meet. An entrepreneur to the core with 3 shops. A busy family life which included the wedding of her daughter last week. Somehow she manages to also be one of the most helpful people you can find on Etsy. She is our team treasurer and a wonderful leader and inspiration to us all. Here she is in a treasury that made it to the front page last night. She is also a finalist in the best bustle gown in the world contest. Makes me wonder what other wonderful things are going on behind the scenes with Leanna. Congratulations, lady, on all of your success.


{postscripted} designs said...

I was SO excited to see this stunning front page last night! So happy for you Leanna, you rock!

Leanna said...

Cherie, this is the sweetest blog post! *blushing* I was so surprised and pleased to see it. You made my day!

Thank you Malerie for your support! You are such a great teammate! You are always one of the very first people to comment on treasuries and I LOVE you for that! Thanks so much!