Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Blog Hop

July was a great month for all of us on the Eastern Washington Etsy Street Team. We started a treasury making project that landed a few front pages. We had some newer shops get ramped up with sales. Some of the established shops had their best months ever. We think Rachel broke sales records for Etsy with her featured seller interview. Here are some of our success stories posted around the web:
Tera had a great feature being shown as one of the items in April Smiths wardrobe.
Leannas bustle dress is in an amazing best bustle dress contest.
Megan has had some great front page and Etsy finds exposure resulting in sales. Here she is in a great interview on Gails blog.
Cherie was featured on the Unofficial Etsy Featured Seller Blog, where she gave a shout out to Sarah, which we hope resulted in some good traffic and sales.
Lauren did a blog post about being on the front page here.

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{postscripted} designs said...

July really was a huge month for the team! I also made the front page, for the first time, and then made it again 3 days later!

It's been so exciting to see how the treasury making challenge has been paying off for the team members who are featured!