Thursday, August 6, 2009

Must read Storque articles

I wanted to post some realy helpful Storque articles to help you think forward about the items you have (and have in mind to make) that Etsy would want to feature during the next 6 weeks. The Etsy merchandising desk articles are a great resource. Also you may not know this, but Etsy asks us to submit our sale items to their weekend deals. The chosen items go out in email format to subscribers (a lot of people) and I have heard of sellers getting an amazing amount of business from these. Here is the article on how to participate in week end deals, and what kinds of deals they are going to highlight. Oooh, we can plan our shopping around that too!
Here are the 6 teammates who have tagged at least one item with the term Fall. Not a bad idea! In a few days I will feature items tagged School.

And congrats to Antler Pantry on winning the Summer challenge with her beautiful tote. Read about it below.

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