Thursday, August 27, 2009

Get together

We had a wonderful potluck lunch in Spokane yesterday. Imagine 8 crafty, talkative women all together in one place. The anecdotes, ideas and tips were flying. We enjoyed seeing each others work in person too. Back row from left to right: Mary MKHQuilts, Cherie StudioCherie, Randi Ragnazidnar, and Leanna SeamsVictorian and BitsandPurses. Seated from left to right Mary's friend who introduced herself as "I'm with her" (maybe this blog post will cure her shyness - maybe not- don't hate me, I am just having fun and don't have all of the information I need) Linda AntlerPantry, Kim SentimentalStones, and Monti GlitznGlass.


Randi said...

SO great meeting everyone and chit-chatting. I really enjoyed everyone's company! And yes, I didn't even mind Cherie's video camera. lol.

That70sShoppe said...

So nice to see the group picture from the meeting and put some faces with shop names.