Friday, June 12, 2009

Weekend Deals Gift Guide

Pillow cover by Slidesideways
Etsy is really getting creative about speading the love. Be on the look out in the Storque for the links to forum discussions from which they choose items to feature. While there are just a few items featured in the actual Storque article about Fathers Day deals and YART sale deals, they also link to special limited time gift guides. There are several of us in the Fathers Day sale gift guide - Slidesideways, Ragnazidnar, and StudioCherie. I have noticed that Etsy has been expanding the yartfreeship gift guide over the past couple of days, so there may still be time to get in on that one too. Here is the link again to the Storque article that explains how to participate in this week ends special gift guides.
Randi is in the top 4 for the cozy vote. If you have not yet voted, please click on the link in the previous blog post and help her win!

1 comment:

Randi said...

Wow! You are so on top of all these things. I find out from you where I am featured most of the time! lol. Who needs Craftopolis when you have Cherie? lol

Way to go team on being so active on Etsy. We're being featured left and right, and that makes me a might proud "team momma."