Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Etsy is Spreading the Love

Looks like the Etsy voter in the Storque is going to be a weekly event. This week, we get to vote on our favorite "cozies." I have been wanting to see Randi's caffeine molecule coffee cozy in the Geek Chic gift guide for a long time, now it looks like she's got a shot at it. If you have not voted yet, go to this link and click on the voting link from there. As a team, let's get active in nominating one another for these opportunities weekly. Next weeks voter is going to be Birthday cards. Natalie has very sweetly made some nominations from the team. If you have a birthday card that needs to be nominated, feel free to send a convo with the link to your item to studiocherie, and I will nominate you. When it comes out, I will pop back on here to post all of the team contenders for the best birthday card vote. Good luck! VintageDresser and StudioCherie are also in the vote this week, but it looks like Randi is the one who really has a good chance of winning, so lets team up and make it happen.

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Randi said...

Thanks so much Cherie! I am so flattered and shocked that my coffee cozies are doing so well. There is a greatly talented group participating and I am thrilled to just be included. Your nomination was very generous.