Friday, April 17, 2009

Team Meeting

Randi puts so much into our team meetings. I learn something new every time, and am always glad I attended. Last night we were introduced to 5 new team members, and got some great tips about making treasuries. Here is the link on Etsy where you can learn about treasuries and how to make them. If we all make an effort to make beautiful treasuries and include some team members mixed with others, our chances of being promoted on the front page will go up.

We also talked about fund raising for the team. Some good ideas were mentioned, and you will notice adsense here on the blog very soon.

Membership in our Yahoo Group is going to be mandatory for all team members because it facilitates communication. If you have not signed up for it, please do.

Now here is a list of shops who attended the meeting. I think the new members will make treasury making even more fun!

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