Friday, April 3, 2009

Craft Fair Report

Cori, Patricia, Paula, Andi, Sally, Kerry

Some of our lovely teammates met up to participate in a craft fair in Walla Walla last Friday. Paula from CutieFruity sent in this photo and the report. I have linked their names to their shops.

On March 27, six members of our team participated in the Walla Walla Artisan Fair at the Walla Walla fairgrounds. Since the fair was on a Friday only, it was pretty slow and there was plenty of time to check out one anothers wares and talk about plans we may have for our shops and such. After many team meetings online, it was fun to meet face to face at chat a little while during the show. Four of us travelled from the Tri-Cities and two came down from Pullman. All of us found out about the fair through the team. Since most of us already "knew" each other, it was very easy to introduce ourselves and get to know one another better, even if the show was a bust (I think all of us at least broke even). There were 17 vendors in all, so we had a very good representation from the team. A reporter from the UB even came and interviewed all of us about selling online vs. at a show. Some of us are misquoted, but the article does promote the team and Andi, the vice pres, did a great job of telling him about Etsy and our team. Not only can an etsy team help out with online business, but it is also beneficial locally, since the EWATeam is location based. For a few of us, this was our first show. It was a good start and a great learning experience. --Paula Taylor


Jena said...

Gosh, I wish I had been there. Please add me to the group. I would love to live in Seattle but know I will be in Spokane for quite sometime. Also here is a link to an art entry, its 18 dollars and you receive 5 3" x 3" canvases with words to decorate. One will be published another will be on display at the Atlanta airport~one of the busiest. ~ Jena Coghlan, 8 years quilting experience offering services for custom quilts~wedding/anniversary/paris, France quilts/men's tie quilts/Baby Quilts/and Mini Landscape quilts.

Sierra Nicole said...

How fun! Are there any moer craft fairs that you will be attendign this summer?

Jena said...

Are there any more craft fairs? If anyone is interested I have some ideas about a bridal convention. Jena