Thursday, October 16, 2008

deeHaymer and the artistic green-loving woman behind the brand

dee-HAY-mer, is the phonetic spelling of Angela's maiden name. She comments, "I know that what and how I create is an extension of where I am from, so this name made perfect sense."

Angela's favorite item currently in her shop is:
She talks about it: "This burlap purse design is a new design style for me. With the burlap totes, bags, clutches, etc., I really love purposefully abstracting (or maybe extracting) and placing the lettering and images in new ways and orientations. Each bag becomes its own unique design. This square purse, in particular, is a really fun and cute size and graphic design."

Angela is busy. I caught her in time for a quick interview: "...finishing up and starting up several projects right now. I am donating a few of the burlap totes to a non-profit fundraising event in New York City: for the silent auction. I am tremendously honored to be a part of this event, which purposes to provide green and sustainable produce and products for residents in NYC, also giving opportunities to youth in the various neighborhoods in NYC to participate in the growing and harvesting of the produce.

I just donated a painting to another silent auction in Des Moines, Iowa, purposed to raise dollars for Iraqi refugees in Syria and Jordan, via the organization American Friends Service Committee (AFSC). This was a very exciting opportunity!I was also able to show 10 new paintings at the West Seattle Art Walk, at a shop called Brunette Mix. My paintings are a conglomeration of science, history, and landscapes.

I love creating and making with my hands. Whether one is creating drawings and paintings, purse and totes, the engine of a car or cream puff pasteries, there is something inherently human about using hands to create and communicate ideas, emotions, needs and wants, or beauty. I have been creating and making ever since I could hold a crayon and a pair of scissors (which was apparently at the age of three, when I cut some of my own hair with a special pair of duck-shaped scissors - I affectionately named them my "quack-quacks"). Over time, I have come to understand the process of creating exists as a thread that binds human beings together across cultures, beliefs, trades, and time. Hooray for hand made!"

I say Hooray for Angela! Hooray for dee-Hay-mer! The striped tote is my favorite. I think you should buy it for someone on your Christmas list.

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