Saturday, January 25, 2014

Amazing Diversity

The Inland Northwest Team is comprised of a very diverse group of extremely talented and amazing artists and artisans. As we start the New Year I wanted to take a moment to explore the variety of shops and products offered by this team. Come along with me on a short excursion into the Inland Northwest Team. This in no way is a complete list but a sampling of what we have to offer.

I found some amazing ladies and their sewing machines. StudioCherie is not only the shop of our Captain but it is one of the most successful shops I know of. With nearly 10,000 sales Cherie has shown what hard work, perseverance, talent and determined marketing can achieve on Etsy.

I first met Jan from JanKanSew at the very first meeting of the original EasternWashingtonEtsy Team. The meeting was held downtown Spokane at the Olive Garden. It was evident that Jan was passionate about her craft.

I have not had the pleasure of meeting Jan from BoudoirPlus but I sure like her shop!

Hey ladies you may want to check out Laura's shop LCSCottage
She has some amazing fabric.

We have a variety of jewelry artist in the Inland Northwest Team. They have different styles but each share a passion for creating something beautiful. I have featured just a few of them here. I encourage you to search for INWTeam and you will find many more very talented jewelry artists and some amazing items in their shops.

This is from Terabliss

Here is one from FlowYogaDesigns

RareSpecimens is a wonderful collection I loved this one:

We also have several artisans that create yummy personal care items. Luxurious soaps, lotions and lip balms can be found in these shops.

Rachel from Orangethyme has a shop full of lip balms and soaps.

Megan from CountryBlossom has a nice variety of soaps, candles and balms.

And here is one of the many treats you will find at Sagegold

And we have candle makers. Check out Michelle's shop HomemadeScents for some amazing tarts and candles.

And coaster creators. SentimentalStones has an amazing variety of coasters and other home decor.

And EtchedinTimeLLC with an eclectic variety of really cool stuff.

We have vintage shops that have everything from Accessories to Wagon Wheels.

DeniseBrain is the place to go if you are in the market for vintage clothing and accessories.

And DallyGirlVintage has some wonderful items for house and home.

We fiber artists like LadyJaneDarcy with her warm and welcoming shop.

With over 200 members there is a lot to choose from in the Inland Northwest Team. I hope you spend some time exploring some of these shops and find many new favorites.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful variety of shops and shop owners! How fun! Thank you for sharing!

denisebrain said...

Thank you Monti! And what a great group...

Lady Jane said...

Thank you for mentioning my cowl!! Such cool things in this post. I'm so glad to see such wonderful offerings from our area.