Friday, April 2, 2010

Team Meeting and Features of the Week

The shops represented above attended our monthly morning meeting in Etsy's chat rooms. We discussed the importance of shop profiles, and reviewed some tips for writing a good profile. We will be sharing our improvements with one another and asking for feedback on the Yahoo group. In this way, we can help one another with shop makeovers a small bit at a time.

Leanna was featured by the stately Estelle Barada who looks absolutley queenly in the skirt and bodice she bought from SeamsVictorian.

One of StudioCherie's customers printed her own time travel fabric to sew up a travel bag from Cherie's duffle pattern. I think her ingenuity deserves a blog link here.

Lastly, here is Cherie's houndstooth duffle on an Etsy homepage featured this week.

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