Friday, June 20, 2008

happy first day of summer!

what better to greet summer right at the door than meeting a great etsian!
meet WHIMSYlove. she is a fun quirky etsy goer that is sure to bring you a smile!
whimsylove is from richland wa.

a self description of whimsy love is :
I love using anything vintage. I love finding unusual items to craft with & making stuff from found objects. I prefer faded, worn & loved things. One day I'm a wacky goof ball, the next I am girly romantic. And that reflects in the diversity of items I make.

I have always been a crafty one, making & giving gifts. I can't stick with just one thing, & you'll see my shop is filled with a number of diverse handcrafted items. I love trying everything!

well, you love trying anything, and we love looking at everything! now, shop shop shop!

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beepbeephello said...

this is sooooo cool! i love whimsylove.