Thursday, February 17, 2011

Featured Seller of the Week CountryBlossoms

As a team, we have been enjoying and benefiting from the featured seller project. Each week we choose one seller to highlight in our treasuries. Everyone who participates in the project makes at least one treasury for the project (some do more) and comments on all the other treasuries too. Here is this weeks thread where we are posting all of our treasuries. I can tell you I felt like queen for a week when it was my turn. It is a great morale boost.
This week, we are adding to the feature with a mini interview with our featured seller, Megan of CountryBlossom. Right after these treasuries:

I opened my 2nd Etsy shop on January 29th. (Her first shop is flowyogamats)I really like to make things with very few ingredients. And I love when I can make an item with very few ingredients and it’s fantastic. I am the same way when I cook. When I was younger, my Mom used to call me her “hippy child”. I have kept this way of thinking throughout my whole life. So, that is what I set out to do when I first started making the lip balm. It has very simple ingredients that you could find at any local store. And I like that I can make any flavor I want just by simply mixing flavors together. And it’s not just the lip balm that has simple ingredients in it either. All of my items are simply made with natural ingredients. Right now I sell lip balm, lip gloss, perfume oil, whipped body butter, sugar scrub and soy candles. But, my mind is always racing and thinking of new items to make and add to the shop.

I get inspiration from all areas of life. For instance there is this juice that I love at the grocery store that is blueberry pomegranate. So, that is what inspired me to make my blueberry pomegranate lip balm. And as of right now I am working on an Arnold Palmer (iced tea and lemonade mix) lip balm. I cannot wait for it to be perfect. Because everyone who knows me, knows I LOVE Arnold Palmer drinks. I also ask my friends and family what they would like, because ultimately not everyone is going to love the same things I love. My husband has helped me greatly, just by believing in my dreams and helping me out along the way.

So, I guess I started making these items and opened my shop to sell great items that are simple, natural items. I want people to feel good about what they are putting on their bodies or in their homes. And I think that is what is most rewarding, is that people can feel good about using my products.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Front page feature

Congrats, Tera! Your upcycled fabric flowers are a popular feature.