Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Timely Features

SeamsVictorian struck a harmonic chord with an active Victorian re-enactment enthusiast in Rhode Island. She is very excited about her purchases and has blogged about them here. This is the kind of thing that can set off a chain reaction in a niche market. Leanna's work is so true to the times in detail and quality. It will not be a surprise to see her shop go viral.

Quilts were all the talk on Etsy last week, and Cherie's one of a kind quilted pillow cover made it into the Etsy Finds. The Etsy finds emails are currently the best avenue for item exposure on Etsy. Of course, we have no control over what gets picked for it. The best we can do is to comment on relevant posts in Etsy's blog, and keep up with Etsy's trending (which Randi covers so well in our evening meetings.) There will probably be a number of Easter themed and Spring renewal (think yoga, health and beauty, Spring cleaning) Etsy finds coming in the next few weeks. If you have items that fit these trends, make sure you add tags that will get them found. Do click on the trends link and read. I was surprised to find that Etsy is looking to highlight nautical themes so early in the year.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Featured this week

Congrats go out to mary of MKHQuilts and to Megan of FlowYogaMats for being featured in the press this week. Mary's cat and mouse quilt was featured on a blog and sold. Megan was featured in the Spokane Journal of Business.