Sunday, July 13, 2008

it's poppy time!

lily's along the centennial train in spokane, wa.

we took a walk along a part of the centennial trail last night and i noticed something. the gorgeous summer blooms. the poppies were also in full swing and just beautiful. what a great vibrant red they are! the reminded me of this great etsian, becki of empress to design. she has a ton of great little poppy things that are so fitting for the season. her work is very detailed and looks realistic. i was browsing all of the poppy goodness and i can across a dress. i thought "man, i wonder if i can get that to fit ME?" the answer is YES. she is now making an adorable poppy dress for adults.! there is a child version, and let me tell you, it's hard to find "mommy and me" outfits out there that are cute enough to wear. this one does it!
poppy hair clips

adult tank &

onsie with headband

browse or send becki a convo and tell her what you think about her work! thank you becki for making such adorable things.